Our Modern Nursery Reveal!

TA DA! Our passenger officially has a place to sleep when she joins us on the outside. IT'S SO CUTE!


I have literally never been more excited to finish a space. There could be some bias involved because it's for our precious tater tot, but I think I'm so thrilled with the outcome because I didn't get hung up on finding the perfect items. (Slow decorating, anyone?) Once we had the main furniture nailed down, our approach was very loosey-goosey and we let the room come together as fun things crossed our path. Because I design for a living, I sometimes forget to take a step back and just enjoy the process when it's our own house. This was a nice tap of the reset button.


YAY! And yep, there's a twin bed in here. This will be our first baby and we definitely don't NEED a bed yet, but I thought it would be handy for story time snuggles. And, full disclosure, our house is so small and lacking in basement that we have nowhere else to store it, so it stayed.

The dresser will have her changing pad on it, too, but I really want to show you the mosaic heart our friend made for us:


There's no theme in here, which was intentional. I'm not a matchy-matchy kind of person and neither is my husband, so when I shopped for the space my only thought was to incorporate items that were fun enough for a kid but classic enough to grow with her. 


Aside from the crib itself, the only overtly "nursery" thing in here is the mommy-and-me elephant artwork. Everything else will transition nicely into childhood. Because we kept her bedding and furniture so simple, it will be easy to adapt the room as she develops her own taste. (Hopefully it will involve keeping the Roald Dahl quote. LOVE.)


My in-laws made the cornice above the window and I used the same fabric for some Euro shams. The walls are Big Chill from Sherwin-Williams (same as the bathroom!) and my technology guru husband picked the Echo Dot so we can play music and white noise for her from anywhere in the house.


A peek into the crib below will show you the one main "girl product" I decided to include. I'm not AGAINST pink, but I also know that not every little girl is into it (I never was) and I don't want our tiny human to feel like pink is the only "acceptable" color for her. On a larger scale, I want her to know that people contain multitudes and she doesn't need to shoehorn herself into someone else's definition of feminine, but that's another conversation for another day. Ha.


The flowers and stripes are adorable together! Too bad we can't leave the pillow in there; it's not safe to have anything in the crib with your tater tot, so it will have to move. It will probably end up in a pillow pile on the bed during story time.

One last look at the whole thing. Aaaaah!


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I'm just so happy. I can't wait for the stork to bring her to we can hang out in here. (Sidebar--how great would it be if babies were ACTUALLY dropped off by a friendly bird? No labor for meeee!) Have you designed a nursery or kid's room? What did you do in yours? Should I go work from that rocking chair instead of my desk? (Yes.)

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