Progress Report: Master Bedroom

At the beginning of the year, I decided to go on a decorating spree in anticipation of our tiny human's arrival. Namely, I wanted to make sure no part of the house looked like a hot mess because we'd be spending a lot of time at home after she joined us on the outside. Our bedroom had been neglected since the day we moved in (whoops!), so in January I was like, "You know what? I should at least start."

And then I did!


Things are clearly not done in here (I wasn't kidding when I said "progress report" in the title), but this is 400% better than where we were four months ago. Sidebar--because pregnancy brain is real, I don't have any before pictures! But that's okay because I promise you're not missing anything. It was a mishmash of furniture that didn't belong together and boring white walls. YAY.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the new nightstands already. They were the first things I bought because I couldn't handle not having a place to throw my chapstick and ponytail holders after I flopped into bed. My husband claimed he didn't need enclosed storage, but now he loves them, too.


Also new are the comforter and throw pillows, but our most recent purchase on this end of the room was a cutesy hamper for each of us. We both have intentionally small wardrobes and didn't need a big college-style bag anymore. Plus, as you'll see in a minute when I show you the closet, there's no room for hampers in there and whatever we used would have to live out in the room. So it was time for an upgrade.

In the corner I put a leftover chair:


We had these in our old kitchen and I currently use one in my office. (The other two are stored in the garage.) That pillow is at least 5 years old but I think it was originally from Target? I DO know that the awesome velvet curtain panels are from IKEA and they match the throw pillows on the bed.

Next to that is THE CLOSET!!!


Pardon the screaming, but I'm proud of this! Designing closets is a very specialized skill and it's something I don't offer to clients, so I'm thrilled that I, a relative novice, was able to maximize our storage space on my own. The entire closet is only 7'9" wide and just under 2' deep, so there wasn't much real estate to work with, but we literally have ALL of our clothing and most of our shoes in there.

If you're asking yourself, "Paige, what about your dresser?!" you're looking at it. Those bins/baskets wrangle all of our non-hanging items. Boom! Having a gaping maw of storage isn't the long-term plan, though. After the passenger is born, we're getting some extra tall bi-fold doors and this part of the room will look more like so:


Our extra shoes live inside the bench at the end of the bed. It's mostly for dressier items and whatever is non-seasonal.

Let's take one final look at the bed side:


The main things missing in here are artwork and, though you can't see much of them in these pictures, an energy efficient window and new white trim. But I'd say we're a good 75% of the way done! It's definitely enough that I'm not going to worry about crossing the finish line for several months. Our wee tater tot will keep me too busy, anyway. (I'm due in 11 DAYS.)

So that's our bedroom's progress report! What's up at your house? Any slow transformations to share? 

Sources: Bed | Comforter | Green Pillows | Blue Lumbar Pillow | Nightstands | Similar Lamps | Similar Hamper | Curtains | Bench | Chair | Similar Blue Pillow | Closet System

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Weekly Bargain Hunt! Vol. 7

There are always so many items marked down when I shop during the week that I usually let these posts shape up subconsciously, and I think my brain wanted me to go in a springtime direction (despite the coldest, lamest weather this week).


I really want to go for long walks now that I'm too pregnant to do my normal workouts, but have I been able to go outside without my winter coat and a runny nose? NO. Maybe next week I can be on the prowl, but for now I'll think about those llamas and their greenery! So cute. This whole grouping makes me feel cheerful and smiley; it's just so fresh. And from a money-saving perspective, the thing making me grin like a weirdo is the wood tile dresser because it's $340 off.

If you click on the individual images in the widget, you'll go right to the products. (Again, I feel very fancy knowing how to make these. Ha.)

Have a delightful weekend! Are you up to anything fun?

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Get the Look: Colorful Playroom!

I swear this isn't turning into a kid's blog! I'm moderately distracted by my passenger getting to 37 weeks--which officially makes us "at term"--but it's an accident that I'm doing ANOTHER child-related space today. Maybe next week I'll do some kind of home bar to steer us back into adult territory.

Anyway! It's time for another installment of Get the Look, and this is the room in question:

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 9.09.58 AM.png

My taste has always veered toward the whimsical, so occasionally I see a space that's designed "for kids" and I like most of it for myself. This is one of them. Except instead of doodles on the back wall I'd have vintage travel posters and pictures of my Canadian boyfriend, Justin Trudeau. I'd leave the toys, though, so my daughter could entertain herself, too. It'd be a family hangout zone!

As usual, I didn't set an official budget before I started hunting for pieces, but instead kept it to a reasonable number that one might spend on a room full of new items. Spoiler: the sofa is $1200 of those dollars but WORTH IT:


Sofa  |  Rug  |  Shelves  |  Coffee Table  |  Green Pillows  |  Triangle Pillow  |  Rainbow Pillow  |  Cloud Pillow  |  Bunny  |  Letter  |  Basket  |  Globe

One lament: the coffee table in the original picture is a DIY and I'm 99% sure the homeowner hasn't posted a tutorial! Bummer. Based on the picture I can tell she painted the wood frame and added metal brackets, but it's hard to get a sense for the top. If you don't feel like a DIY guessing game (and I totally don't blame you) I found a ready-made table with a similar vibe. The sofa and stuffed bunny are exact items, though, so you'll still have some authenticity.

Do you ever pine after a "kid" space? Who else leans toward the fun side of decorating? Should we add this sofa to our short list?

Like most websites, The Room Kit uses affiliate links if available. See full disclosure in the sidebar.