Contemporary Christmas Decor

I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones or what, but I was PUMPED when I saw Christmas decor trickling into stores right after Labor Day. Normally I feel bad for Halloween and Thanksgiving--and I know plenty of other people who do, too--but this year I was all about early Christmas cheer. So, I waited as long as I could to bust out the holiday razzle-dazzle, but I didn't even make it to Turkey Day. (I put our tree up yesterday.)

If you're in the mood to embrace Christmas in November, let's peruse Etsy:


wrapping paper / gift bag / ornaments / house / wreath / stocking / candle

How stinkin' cute is that ornament set? Next year, when my human passenger is on the outside and has a name, we should spring for one. The personalized stockings are also fun, and I want to note that the seller offers multiple fabrics and colors--doesn't have to be plaid. The simplicity of the wreath might be my favorite, though; traditional evergreen wreaths can be kind of bulky but this is perfectly streamlined, and the flowers are prettier than "just" branches.

Are you decorating early, too? What's your favorite item here?

Nursery Inspiration + The Plan

Little Ronchetti needs a room! He or she won't be making a grand entrance until April, but I know the due date is going to sneak up on us before we're ready (because I can't believe I'm already 14 weeks), so I'd rather be done early than scramble after we get home from the hospital.

Our house has three bedrooms. One is obviously ours, the middle one is my office, and the third is currently the woefully undecorated guest room/random storage. Of those three, having a guest room is least important, so that's where our tater tot will lay its head.

nursery before.JPG

Underwhelming, yes? I was kind of kicking myself for not decorating yet, but not anymore! Haha. The room is long and narrow--only 8'10" wide--which will make for cozy corners on either end and plenty of floor space in the middle. We plan to keep that twin bed in there and use it as more of a comfy reading spot over in a corner. (Truth: we have nowhere else to stash it in this pocket-sized house, so it has become a feature.)

Look at the rendering before I ramble on:


Know that the closet doesn't open with french doors. I threw those in as a placeholder and forgot to change them. ;-)

The rendering doesn't account for smaller details yet, like artwork or decorative items, nor does it touch on storage. This room has a closet that already has a snazzy new shelving system, courtesy of one harrowing Saturday, but aside from that we'll have to rely on "under" storage. Under the crib, under the nightstand, etc. Once we get the main furniture assembled I can make a better plan for all of that.

We're going to find out the sex at my next ultrasound, but I still plan to keep the nursery relatively neutral--just like the rest of the house. Lots of white and gray, a few metallics, and I'm thinking yellow as the "main" color. We might add a bit of turquoise, but I'll have to see how things feel once we have the biggest items in place. Or maybe green? Options!

Something along these lines would be GREAT:

nursery inspiration1.jpg

Cute, soothing to my tired mom eyeballs, and lots of soft surfaces for tiny people to explore. The one below is from the same chapter in the metaphorical book:

nursery inspiration2.png

Hey, both of these have the same dresser! And we already bought one, too, in the next size down, so clearly the universe is giving me a sign.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may already know that we plan to do a book display:

nursery inspiration3.jpg

The floating shelves on the back wall of the rendering are for books. Each one is 45" wide, so I think we'll be able to stash quite a few up there. YAY!

So that's where we are. We've picked the crib and chair, and family members have already let us know we can expect them for Christmas. I'll keep you updated as I find pretty things to add.

If you're a parent, what adorable things did you put in your nurseries? Any tips for us first-timers?

Inspiration #1, Inspiration #2, Inspiration #3

Some Colors of the Year 2018 + Inspiration

Similar to how Christmas decorations creep into stores earlier and earlier every late-ish summer, it seems like paint companies have started announcing their Color of the Year with a lot of time to spare. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams have already released their respective dragons, so let's see what they're pushing for 2018.

First, say hello to Oceanside SW 6496:


Sherwin-Williams says this color can help you "set a stage and create drama" which is pretty spot-on. It's BOLD, and I'm really feeling it on that front door (and bonus Roman shade). And I'm apparently twinning with somebody at the SW art department, because this office looks a lot like mine:


Obviously painting a whole room dark teal isn't everybody's cup of tea, but I do really like this color. It's a nice blend of blue and green that will go with a lot of decor styles, and it's dramatic without being gloomy. 

On the other side of the coin, we have Caliente AF-290. (Haha, Caliente AF!!)


Nice on a front door surrounded by a lot of neutrals, no? Remember that soothing image as you scroll down and see another promotional shot from Benjamin Moore:


To quote my homeboy Tim Gunn, this is a lot of look. Red is my least favorite color to use in decor, unless it's Christmas, and this is just... jarring. To me, anyway. I'm trying to imagine actually being in a room with RED WALLS and I'm so uncomfortable.

But! That front door is outstanding. Caliente is a pure red that packs a punch, and I can see it working nicely with a lot of color palettes.

How do you feel about Oceanside and Caliente? Are you digging one more than the other? How would you use them in your house?

Top two images via Sherwin-Williams. Bottom two images via Benjamin Moore.